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De La Ruche aux Savons

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Honey, And also...

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

RD 451 - Rte de Montemaggiore
20214 Montegrosso et

Marie Collignon was initially an independent nurse, but at 36 she decided to turn things upside down! “I wanted to assist my husband in his work as a beekeeper,” she says. So, she began training in 2015, and two years later here she is at Pierre-Henri’s side!
“The bees rest during winter— unlike me! Not a moment’s rest for me!” jokes Marie. She started by making honey-based pastries and sweets, and one day Pierre-Henri suggested soap... Marie is not one to waste time: in 2018, soap making began!

“When I’m alone during the preparation process, I find myself re-using all of the same concentration skills and the technical proficiencies I gained as a nurse”. Indeed, a lot of precision is required at each stage of the artisanal soap making process: each creation requires its own formula! These are developed by Marie herself and then tested by a toxicologist.

Marie is a regular at markets and fairs, where she sells her range of 7 products. She can also be found in the micro-region’s shops. Her soaps are made using organic vegetable oils, without allergens, and are free from CMR chemicals. The ideal recipe for skincare!


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