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Pierre-Henri CARBONI et Marie COLLIGNON

Gaec l'Arnaghju Di u Picciu

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

451 Route de Montemaggiore
20214 Montegrosso |

Pierre-Henri Carboni knew he wanted to be a farmer from a very young age. Upon graduation at the age of 24, he held several jobs within this field, including in aquaculture, as a pet shop manager, and even as a specialist in reptile breeding!
When he came face to face with a swarm of bees at his home in the Vaucluse department in 2006, he became highly interested in the meticulous work of bees.

Just as he was about to call a beekeeping neighbour, he had a change of heart and decided to keep the swarm. A year later in the family home in Montegrossu, another swarm set up shop in one of the windows. “I immediately saw it as a sign!” recounts Pierre-Henri So, in 2008 he decided to move to a village on the island with his wife Marie and his two children.

And thus, the first honey house was born in 2009: Arnaghju di u Picciu. The most recent, on the road to Montemaggiore, has just been completed after two years of work! 
Now, the colony has 300 beehives that migrate during summer to the chestnut trees in Castagniccia and on the Eastern Plain. There are 11 products in the Arnaghju di u Picciu range, from spring honey to fresh pollen.

 One of the beekeeper’s future projects is the installation of a glazed beehive inside the honey house, allowing visitors to observe the bees’ production process. 
Upon arrival, visitors will also be able to walk through Pierre-Henri’s specially designed aviaries. As a hardened bird enthusiast, he loves sharing the second of his major passions!


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