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PDO Honey, bee pollen, honey sweets

Visits : All year round

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Honey

Agricultural sectors : Corsican honey

20222 Brando |

The pretty Lavasina Marina, 8 km north of Bastia, is one of eight hamlets in the Brando district. Both a complete refuge and a perfect miracle. Thousands of faithful worshippers from across the island come every year on 8 September to celebrate the "Sanctuaire de Notre Dame des Grâces".  However, tens of thousands of "worker bees" also come here to enjoy the precious nectar of the area's exceptionally rich flora. Another miracle that occurs every season, whatever is in bloom.

Jean-Pierre and his son, Gregory, diligent and passionate beekeepers, have worked for many years to unravel the mystery of bees and honey production, delivering products of outstanding quality. Their healthy, natural products have been selected to form part of the PDO "Miel de Corse-Mele di Corsica" range. Their character and purity are enjoyed well beyond the boundaries of the island.

Their honey features a fine blend of gentle flavours and some more robust, while others are very delicate and some even distinctly bitter: honey in the Spring from clementine flowers, honey right from Spring through to Autumn from the Maquis shrubland, honey from chestnut flowers and Maquis honeydews… It’s hard not to want them all!

There are also the delights of nougat, honey vinegar, honey sweets, propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen etc. Healthy, authentic products that you won't forget to take home with you when your holiday ends!

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