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Jean-Jacques FERRARI

Goat cheese - Kids

Visits : From February to mid-July (from March for aged cheese).

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese

Lieu-dit Rapajo - Bravone
20230 Linguizzetta
  06 82 32 84 76

With a father and three brothers all being farmers, it was difficult for Jean-Jacques Ferrari to escape his destiny. “Ive always lived among cows, goats and sheep... so I learned the job automatically, he says smiling.

However, he would have been quite tempted by a career in the army or in administration, but a serious injury to his left eye prevented this. Nowadays his ambitions for independence from the agricultural world are far behind him, and it is not without pleasure and enthusiasm that he watches his almost 200-strong flock of goats.

On the huge, magnificent farm that he looks after and shares with his brothers, Jean-Jacques Ferrari fully devotes himself to his daily tasks: milking the goats, making cheese, herd management, and land maintenance.

Although sharing and mutual aid are always appropriate among siblings, Jean-Jacques now wants to fully assume control of his activity and have a little more independence. He’s preparing to build his own goatfold and cheese making workshop, which until now he has shared with one of his brothers.

In this family of passionate, hard-working farmers, Jean-Jacques has certainly found his place and assumed his role.