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Charcuterie AOP Maxence Finidori

PDO charcuterie

Visits : All year by appointment (workshop, dryer, process).
Buggy tou of the wine estate and pig farm, "spuntinu" (snack or picnic)

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : U Prisuttu, Lonzu, A Coppa di Corsica

Domaine De Piscia
20114 Figari

At the tender age of 12, Maxence Finidori discovered the world of agriculture on a cattle farm. “Being immersed at such an early age in rural areas only served to increase my desire to become a breeder, more specifically a pig farmer,” says the young man.
A keen undertaking accentuated by the profession of his father, Marc, a well-versed goatherd. At the end of his training at Borgu agricultural school, Marc requested his help at the Piscia farmhouse inn. In parallel, Maxence was perfecting his mastery of various charcuterie techniques whilst convening with experienced professionals of the art.
“For four years, I observed and worked with producers from the villages of Zecavu, Bastelica and San Lorenzu. Each and every one has their unique methods and skills, so, I brought together what I learned from their skills to shape my own technique!” he confesses with a wide smile!

Now, Maxence has 130 pigs, 40 of which are intended for the production of Prisuttu, Lonzu and Coppa. His objective is to produce 120, with his sole mantra being: quality. “The quantity does not matter to me. This is why I immediately opted for the AOC label (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée – Controlled designation of origin). What I seek above all is the flavours of yesteryear. For me it’s an honour to hear an elder remember charcuterie made by their parents when tasting the flavour of mine!”
Our ancestors knew what they were talking about!

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