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Ilda et Cosima PENCIOLELLI

Gaec A Pasturella

Farm sheep cheese – Tomme and PDO Brocciu

Visits : End of November to mid-August

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Brocciu cheese, Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat

Pegurellu - Route Du Cimetière
20250 Corte
  06 85 83 31 49 / 06 89 62 97 98

Upon her arrival in the Penciolelli family, Ilda discovered the agricultural world and the rearing of cattle and sheep for meat. Although among the Penciolelli, breeders from fathers to daughters, each family member was versatile and could easily take over another's task at short notice, Ilda gradually became familiar with this environment, particularly alongside her sister-in-law Cosima who had always been well-versed in leading the herd.

But at first, for a few years, her gaze was turned towards the city and its businesses, until she met a shepherdess who passed on her knowledge, in particular in cheese-making and Broccui manufacture. 

Building on this experience and her new knowledge, Ilda was ready to return to the family farm. Now, it’s her turn to share her knowledge and teach her sister-in-law Cosima about the cheese manufacture. From this association of knowledge A Pasturella was born, a dairy sheep farm where the two women efficiently support and complete each other. Herd management for Cosima, and the production of succulent venachesu cheese for Ilda, even – if family tradition dictates it – the roles could one day be reversed