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Nelly et Augustin LAZZARINI

Traditional goat's cheese - Brocciu PDO

Visits : Open: from January to June, 9am-12pm / cheese sold during the summer period.

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Brocciu cheese, Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat

Ld Marcione
20242 Noceta
  06 07 98 43 25

This is first and foremost the story of a meeting between a herder from Biguglia and a young student keen to return to Corsica to take over her uncle’s farm, a herder in Noceta.

“It is truly a combination of our respective and complementary skills that has enabled us to build our current farm,” says the dynamic Nelly Lazzarini. “My biology studies in the agro-food sector weren’t enough to allow me to take over my uncle’s farm. I lacked the pastoral knowledge.

Meanwhile Augustin worked the old-fashioned way, with his small farm, wooden shack and milking by hand.

The union of tradition and modernity was born from our encounter. Augustin taught me everything there was to know about being a herder and, in return, I shared my scientific knowledge which was needed to create a modern, dynamic and efficient dairy.”

Although Augustin rarely leaves the mountains, Nelly now shares his knowledge with young farmers and is very involved in the association and union community in order to contribute to the modernisation of the herder profession in Corsica.

They raise their 200 Corsican goats in the village of Noceta. They are among the herders who still practice the transhumance of flocks. Naturally, they make a type of Venacais cheese, which, coupled with their famous Brocciu, makes them well worth a visit!

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