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Traditional sheep's cheese PDO Brocciu Corsican veal

Visits : From March to September.

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Suckling lamb and goat, Corsican cheese, Corsican veal

20219 Vivario
  06 73 80 77 25

There are some beings that are truly at one with the space they inhabit, and the symbiosis between them and their environment seems total. This is the case for Mimi Costa and the little hamlet of Canaglia; he is the village shepherd, and Canaglia is his territory, that’s all you need to know! “My parents werent really shepherds as they also had their work, but they always kept animals and made cheese…” and to go on: ”I grew up here, among animals, and there was never a doubt in my mind - it seemed obvious to me to become a shepherd.

The future sided with Mimi, who now has his herd and keeps the village inn, a real "waypoint restaurant" on the GR20 footpath. Mimi loves his job as much as his territory and tries to share it with as many people as possible.“Lots of people pass by here every day for a bite to eat, or to buy cheese or request information. In the mountains, you have to be able to give some of your time to those passing through. And personally, Im quite proud to have them taste our products, and especially to introduce them to the special characteristics of Venachesecheese, of which I am a strong supporter.Hé cusi u pastore di canaglia! *

*and thus he is the shepherd of Canaglia!

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