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Jean-Darius LUCIANI

E Tramizolle


Visits : November to July, 8am-1pm.

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Brocciu cheese, Corsican cheese, Corsican veal

20224 Casamaccioli |

Taking the Route des Sens Authentiques, you will often meet people whose professional careers are not linear and consistent, but take U-turns or even breaks, sometimes justified by a return to origins for some or a simple career change for others. But on this same path you will also find producers whose professional route has always been intimately linked to family tradition.

This is unquestionably the case for Jean-Darius Luciani, whose farming vocation seems to date from time immemorial:

“My father, my grandfather, my ancestors were farmers before me and my two sons will take over after me. I did not become a sheep farmer, I was born a sheep farmer!”

Consequently, it is no surprise that in this family, from father to son, each “daily labour” seems natural and inherited down the years. The Luciani family is both a participant in and a vehicle for the Niolu pastoral idyll.