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Frédéric PAOLI

Monti Barbatu

Goat cheese – PDO Brocciu

Visits : From January to June by appointment.
hiking trail : 1.2km path to reach the dairy

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat, Brocciu cheese

20113 Olmeto
  06 22 02 19 75

The myth of the free, lone shepherd seems to still be alive and well in Corsica! And it certainly won’t be Frédéric Paoli, from his small holding overlooking the gulf of Valincu, who will tell you otherwise. “I was a special education teacher, and although I liked my job, I didn't feel at home in the system. I needed space, freedom, and also to be in complete control of my destiny. 

On these pastures where his grandfather walked before him, Frédéric Paoli always owned some animals. “For years it was my way of escaping, and then one day I decided to take a definitive leap and become a shepherdhe says soberly. He then perfected his expertise in this area by working alongside other regional breeders, and his career change then occurred peacefully. Now, Frédéric is in charge of a 200-strong goat herd… plus a few chickens! His cheese and his Brocciu can be found in the region’s little grocery stores, and also in the backpacks of many hikers passing by the Valincu peaks where Frédéric tirelessly wanders as a free man!