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Jean-Christophe SAVELLI


Goat's cheese - Brocciu PDO -Goat sale

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat, Brocciu cheese

Argentella - Route de Porto
20214 Calenzana |

Everyone is master of his or her destiny and Jean-Christophe Savelli knows one thing: his will not be in an office environment!

After ten years of good, loyal service within a company, Jean-Christophe decided to resume the goat-herding activities of his father – who had reached a point where retirement would be well deserved. “I am the son of a teacher. Studies were sacred at home. It would have been difficult to say that I wanted to become a livestock farmer! The times were very different... But even as a child I needed to be in the fresh air!”

Undoubtedly attentive to his grandfather’s actions as a farmer, the child forged the desire to work the land one day, and 31 January, 1998, at the age of 30, Jean-Christophe found himself in charge of a herd of 160 goats. A herd that now numbers 370! The shepherd tends to his animals and takes care of production while his wife, Anne-Marie, is delegated to the commercial side of things.

“I am now as free as the air. I have the best job in the world! Unless you like sleeping!” Jean-Christophe is undoubtedly a big fan!


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