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Pierre et Anghjulu Santu ALBERTINI

Allevu di Pol di Feru

PDO Charcuterie

Visits : From November 20 to 10 July, every morning from Monday to Friday

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : U Prisuttu, Lonzu, A Coppa di Corsica

Zone de livraison

Bastia - Folleli, dimanche matin.

Produits livrés

Pâté de foie, panzetta, bulagna (joue de porc), salciccia.
coppa, Lonzu, Prisuttu AOP -
Sous forme de panier composés

Place du village
20215 Loreto di Casinca
  06 78 23 64 23 / 06 12 01 23 73

You must have guessed - Pierre Albertini and François are related! They’re cousins, in fact, with workshops side by side. This harmonious proximity is not recent. Their fathers before them had had the pig farm handed down to them by their ancestors. A family tradition spanning more than three hundred years!

Pierre was 20 when he started out on his own, having graduated in Corti. As a child, he observed his father patiently and carefully.

"In our family, husbandry is far more than a simple fact of inheritance. It’s a heritage anchored in our very roots. We’re made to get on well together, aren’t we?" he jokes.

Seeing him grow and change amongst his flock, his ease and the passion he has for his homeland is striking. His village comes first - Loretu di Casinca: "There is incredible energy here and the tourists must feel it. In the high season, the village is never empty!" he says. Then his farm: "This land reflects our character." When his new role in sales is mentioned, Pierre admits, smiling: "It was not easy for me at first! But now I'm very comfortable with the customers. François and I talk a lot, we give each other advice. We even organise AOC tastings together to introduce people to our products!"

With the Albertini family, it’s just a matter of tradition!

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