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Carine CROCE

a funtanella


Visits : From December until April, Monday to Saturday/May until July, every day, from 4pm until 7:30pm (leave a message in the morning).

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese, Brocciu cheese

hameau de Poggio - lieu dit Funtanella, village de Croce
20237 Croce
  06 88 53 74 00

From the very outset, you can feel the disposition of this young herder! Carine Croce combines warmth and cheerfulness with proactiveness and ambition. A simple and noble ambition to make a living from her business and develop it while maintaining the quality of life that she seeks in the heart of Castagniccia.

“I grew up with animals around and my father had a very strong character but was able to teach us a number of values, the first of which was the love of a job well done!” Carine told us. Since dogs weren’t goats, she followed in her father’s footsteps, after a detour where she spent a few years working in accounting. “I couldn’t stay in accounting. I loved freedom, nature and animals too much.”

Along with her companion, she discovered this house in Croce and decided to embark on her adventure. She led her goats among the centuries-old chestnut trees and quickly learnt how to make cheese and brocciu. The young woman quickly became known and recognised in the region. Every day, she makes deliveries in the surrounding villages. Despite the busy days, she is now undertaking the restoration of old hazel trees and is setting up a vegetable garden, ventures that will surely satisfy her need to create and flourish in her new life!

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