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Gaec Camposciolo

Traditional sheep's cheese

Visits : Open: from September until the end of July.

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat

Le Chalet - Rte du Village
20250 Poggio di Venaco

~~One can be a shepherd’s son and grandson, have been immersed in the pastoral world of one’s ancestors and yet not have a natural inclination for the profession. “After finishing the baccalaureate, I went on to study economics/accounting, but life had other ideas and I ended up having to replace my uncle and then my father on their respective farms for a while, and it was then that something clicked into place.”

The young man understands that his own personal path will now be crossed with the paths of transhumance, previously trodden by his family. But with the zeal and enthusiasm of the young farmer, the family farm will take on another dimension. “My father sold his milk but he never processed it, but I wanted to make my own cheese and brocciu. So, I modernised the farm, built the dairy, bought a tractor...”

While Mathieu’s father initially had reservations about this development, he now shares his son’s enthusiasm and has become the first “promoter” of his cheeses and brocciu.

We’ll conclude by letting La Fontaine draw the moral from this story “Rien ne sert de courir, il faut partir à point!” [“Nothing is gained by running if you do not start on time!”]. Mathieu Guglielmi didn’t rush, he was just waiting for the right moment!

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