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Antoine FUCHS

Sant 'Antone

Goat's cheese - Brocciu PDO -Goat sale

Visits : From novembre to the end of June

Regions : Dui Sevi-Dui Sorru - Cruzini - Cinarca

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Corsican cheese, Suckling lamb and goat, Brocciu cheese

20115 Piana

~~Antoine Fuchs has managed to solve the impossible equation of youth and experience. This young twenty-something herder already masterfully manages his farm. Whether it’s leading his flock of goats or making his cheese, nothing seems to be out of his control.

“My grandfather was a herder, my uncles are herders and I have been watching them work since I was a child. l learnt from them without even realising it. To tell you the truth, I never even considered doing anything else. I was just waiting until I was old enough to have my own flock.”

You only have to watch Antoine making his broccui to see how much experience he has acquired. He makes this “famous de Piana brocciu” by the book, either in a wood fire and in a copper cauldron. He explains: “If you want to make a perfect product, you have to be patient.

Cooking with a wood fire takes twice as long as cooking with gas.” But the result is unmistakable: a creamy brocciu with exceptional flavour that has been given attention and time for the whey to come to the surface.

If the brocciu of Piana has acquired a status over time, it is undoubtedly thanks to the incomparable passion and expertise of herders such as Antoine Fuchs, who are enthusiastically carrying on a centuries-old pastoral tradition.

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