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Paul François SANTONI

BARONCIA, Domaine Agricole

PDO charcuterie - Fresh pork meat

Visits : In the morning, all year round bu appointment

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : U Prisuttu, Lonzu, A Coppa di Corsica

Chemin de Curatoghja - Bocca di Coppia - D157A
20110 Olmeto
  06 69 31 73 60 |

If pig paradise exists, it surely looks like the Baroncia estate run by passionate young farmer Paul-François Santoni. The farm is located in wooded scrubland crisscrossed by dry stone walls, plateaus, and plains overlooking the sea. It is part of an exceptional property that is classified as a remarkable area within a wooded region on the north shore of the Gulf of Valinco. While the estate has been used for livestock breeding and agriculture for centuries, for Paul-François Santoni it symbolises the family environment he’s always known, and where he chose to permanently settle after several years in the Paris Fire Department.

“When I was young, I’d always come and potter around my grandmother's Caseddu (cottage in Corsican) and I wanted to carry on my ancestors’ farming tradition.” In order to get the best out of this idyllic setting, the young man chose to bestow it to his “nustrale” pigs: “I wanted a friendly-sized farm using extensive farming methods that would make full use of the rugged, scrub-covered terrain. The animals are outside all year round. The only exception is when the sows spend the farrowing period in huts.

This farming method, combined with a natural diet, gives the charcuterie a truly unique character,” explains Paul-François Santoni with overt enthusiasm. Today, based on the ever-growing reputation of his charcuterie, the young firefighter’s career change looks very much like a success story!

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