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Olivier BARDIN

PDO olive oil - Cape Corsica onion – Rural holyday cottages

Visits : All year. 9am-6pm

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree, Around orchards and vegetable gardens, Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica, Corsican fruit and vegetables

Le Poggio
20233 Sisco |   06.16. 22.11.24

Legacies transform lives... and that’s just what happened to Olivier Bardin. One day, his great-uncle handed him down a small box of seeds – a gift as precious as gold in his eyes: the last seeds of the sweet onions called "Sisco".

A few years later, while Olivier was getting tired of his local government job in Montpellier, the seeds of his inheritance germinated and ttok him back to his native Corsica. A nostalgic turn of events, some would say romantic... but it was more than that! Though he may look at the stars, Olivier has his feet firmly on the ground. In 2009, in the green valley of Sisco, he planted his first seedlings and harvested his first crop of onions by hand... and it worked rather well! Today, the delicious golden, sweet onions are a great success and their reputation extends way beyond the local area.

By reviving this long-forgotten tradition, Olivier aroused the curiosity and the collaboration of other farmers in the area. After forming an association chaired by Olivier himself, the sweet Cape Corsica onion growers are increasing in number by the year. Already, efforts are under way to obtain an IGP...

Olivier also uses six acres of his land to produce olive oil with AOP certification. Two projects requiring many hours of hard work... but which mean he wakes up,every morning with a smile on his face!

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