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Moulin Oltremonti

PDO/ olive oil – - Mill

Visits : Open all year round by appointment/visits to the organic mill.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica

#StateInCasa : les producteurs vous livrent !

Zone de livraison

Drive au moulin, paiement CB
points relais sur Bastia (Station Esso "Le Chalet" )et Lucciana (Station Esso devant la mairie de Lucciana) avec possibilité de paiement en CB à distance.

Produits livrés

huile d'olive aop - olives

Lieu-dit Tristani - Bravone
20230 Linguizzetta
  06 29 54 02 65 |

Islands have always attracted adventurers looking for new, mysterious lands to explore and tame. Corsica is no exception. One day a young, beautiful lady in her thirties, who’d been fascinated by Mediterranean culture and olive growing from an early age, arrived on its eastern shores. 

After three decades of travelling and doing humanitarian work around the world, Emilie Borel-Berta finally found somewhere to call home. Brimming over with energy and determination, she bought and cleared 35 hectares of scrubland just outside Linguizzetta.

Having planted her first olive trees, Emilie then had to set up an oil mill. To this end, she enlisted the help of an expert, a 40-year-old Italian named Ivo Berta, who advised her on how to go about building a mill using cutting-edge technology. The pair took a liking to each other, Ivo stayed in Corsica and the mill became his! The young couple worked tirelessly and their new homeland eventually rewarded them with the first drops of a powerful and fruity nectar which would enable them to fulfil their childhood dreams and help them bring up their little girl.

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