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Clos Antonini

Grape and citrus juices – Citrus jams – Wines – PDO Olive Oil

Visits : April – end October.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica

Place de l'église
20220 Sant'Antonino |

Olivier Antonini is a man of strong convictions, and never doubted the fact that one day he would be taking over his family farm. A fourth-generation vineyard owner (one of his plots, the Aghja Ventosa, has been in operation in the village of Santa Reparta area since 1868), he is also part of the second generation to produce citrus fruits, and speaks highly of the idea that these traditions should be passed on naturally. “I was brought up on these lands,” he tells us, “surrounded by a farming family who were passionate about fruit trees. It was a smooth handover, and my vocation was laid out before me.” Today, still aided by his father Pierre-Louis, Olivier watches over seven hectares of plantations, caring for them in his own particular way.

“I like to watch the trees grow; some of them have been on the land since I was a child. I also learned about grafting techniques, and ever since then my main hobby has been taking new, wild elements and grafting them onto new cultivars.” Indeed, for this family it’s all about creating new flavours: when you stop to take a well-deserved rest at the Cave Antonini, established in 1984 by Pierre-Louis and his wife Monique, don’t leave without tasting the lady’s signature drink: a dash of grape juice and a dash of lemon juice – guaranteed refreshment!

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