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Jean-Laurent MASSARI

Gaec e Belle Bone

Visits : Open: all year round, 10am - 12pm and 4pm - 8pm

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree, Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses

Agricultural sectors : Suckling lamb and goat, Oliu di Corsica, Hazelnuts and Almonds

Plaine d'Oletta
20239 Oletta / |

At the Massaris’, everything’s a family matter! It all started with Françoise, the head of the family, who owned numerous hectares of almond and olive trees in her native region of Nebbiu. “And at 14 I was in the fields!” Remembers her eldest son, Jean-Laurent.

His future seemed all planned out, but in 2001 he chose to set up his own sheep farm. The young farmer didn’t take over the orchard until 2015.
First things first: supplementing the two hectares of olive trees that were grafted (using wild olive trees), with an extra two hundred specimens.

Now, there’s also a new five hectare plot.
Pressed at the Morati mill and bottled on the farm, Jean-Laurent's PDO oil is a universal hit.

But what about the sheep? Still there! Almost 350 of them...
And as everything the Massaris do is natural, the little lambs look after the almond trees!
Jean-Laurent’s partner, Maria Petra, will soon join him as an associate for a future GAEC (a French producers association).
Family obligations!

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