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Le Moulin du Château -

Visits : Open to visitors: year-round, every day from 3pm - 7pm

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica

20225 Feliceto

Piotr is preaching to a new parish: le Moulin du Château. It’s something of a change for this former priest, who served the Balagne region for 25 years!
Today, he devotes himself fully to his work as an olive oil producer. The plantation of six hundred olive trees was founded in 1994, by Ange-François Vincentelli in A Pieve.

Over the years, the property has extended to cover 14 hectares, and 25 years later is now home to 4,000 trees! Since 2015, Piotr has sold a selection of olive-based products such as tapenades, prepared in a specialist kitchen in Calvi, as well as a range of cold-process soaps. “In my view, what’s essential is the eternal character of the trees”, explains the former curate.
“In Christian tradition, olive trees never die, even after a fire. This is what it means to be eternal. And the oil can now be produced using modern machines! But do you know about this mill’s sacred mission?” concludes Piotr with an air of mystery.

“For 12 years, holy oil has been made here at Feliceto using traditional methods!” So, it would seem that the Secrets de Balagne plantation still has a few mysteries left to unveil!


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