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Claude BLANC

PDO Olive oil

Visits : All year round, by appointment only

Regions : Dui Sevi-Dui Sorru - Cruzini - Cinarca

Categories : Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica

Acqua in su
20151 Sari d'Orcino |

Between balance and passion.

At almost 400 metres above sea level on the slopes of Mount San Damianu, Claude Blanc had the good sense to try to help restore the region to its original purpose. He admits that his nostalgic weak-spot is for the taste of apples planted by his grandfather…

The village of Sari d'Orcino overlooks the Cinarca, a valley made up of old gardens that tumble towards the sea. It is right in the middle of this valley, under the protection of the Romanesque chapel of San Ghjuvà, that Claude can now be found, as head of a young olive grove.

"Nostalgic for the abandoned richness of our heritage, I’ve always marvelled at well-worked soil." So, with a lot of hard work, energy, and help from his family, he cleared and recontoured the hilly land, and planted.

His product, with a very unique taste and labelled PDO Corsican Oil – Oliu di Corsica, results from the mixing of two endemic varieties of olives: Sabina and Ghjermana. The result is pure oil with a subtle flavour. It must be said that from clearing to labelling, everything is done with precise, loving care! All that was missing was a mill to ensure an even shorter period between harvest and pressing… well now it’s there: a little further up, in the village. The oil can be bought on-site and in many specialty shops.

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