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Corsican candied citron - Liqueurs - Candied Fruit - Jam

Visits : July to October by appointment

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : And also..., Around orchards and vegetable gardens

Agricultural sectors : Corsican fruit and vegetables

Village de Barrettali - Poghju
20228 Barrettali |

A building material contractor, Xavier Calizi decided in 2008, at the age of 37, to restore the traditional family land in Barrettali, his native village. Having cleared and released the old ripes - separating walls between the various gardens that once occupied the whole town - from under the scrub, he planted four acres of cedars and began the long and difficult process of refining citrons.

"The production process is slow. Sometimes a month elapses between picking and seeing the finished product! But this is the condition governing authenticity, a guarantee of quality for this typical fruit, an icon here in Cap Corse."

Xavier quickly discovered a passion for the history of this amazing fruit. A passion and knowledge he wants to share: "We cannot revive the citron tradition of in the area without thinking about how to pass this knowledge on to younger generations. This is my permanent goal." To this end, Xavier has prepared a collection of 50 trees that will allow young people to discover, in three years’ time, fifteen varieties of "apple tree", the most spectacular being the "Maxima" citron which can weigh as much as eight kilos!

If you’d asked Xavier Calizi 10 years ago about the finer points of Corsican citron, he would certainly have struggled to answer. Now, he can’t stop talking about them, and only asks himself one question: "Where will I plant the next citron?"

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