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Jean-Pierre NICOLAI

E Lenze Niulinche

Market garden

Visits : From mid-June to mid-October
Saturday 10am-12pm.

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Around orchards and vegetable gardens

Agricultural sectors : Corsican fruit and vegetables

A Calunica
20224 Lozzi
  04 95 56 37 49 |   06 17 11 43 80

Here is another amazing life trajectory, of which Corsican agriculture seems to hold the secret: that of Jean-Pierre Nicolaï. This young engineer actually began his career in IT. “It's an environment where everything moves very fast, where everything is constantly changing. So at one point, my wife and I felt the need to slow things down and refocus on what were more essential values to our eyes,” says the young farmer. The change was fast and absolute for this couple, who chose to return to the Lozzi family home to begin their new life and start up their market garden. There is no questioning their return to a productive logic!

The seasons now provide the rhythm of their lives. “For us, going organic was the obvious choice and corresponded to the image that we had of agriculture in our minds,” he says. Now, the quality of the fruit and vegetables grown by Jean-Pierre, as well as the jams and condiments made by Marie-Claude have naturally found their way to tickle the palates of food lovers in the region, and those of passing visitors who are happy to eat delicious and healthy products in these Niolu mountains.

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