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Jean-André et Aurore CARDOSI

Domaine de Vignarella

PGI / AB (organic) clementines - PGI / AB (organic) kiwis

Visits : from November to February, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Around orchards and vegetable gardens

Agricultural sectors : The Corsican clementine, Corsican fruit and vegetables

Route de Linguizzetta
20230 Linguizzetta
  06 21 40 58 70

I began my career in a vineyard in the region, but my real passion was arboriculture, explains Jean-André Cardosi spontaneously. So, when the opportunity arose inn 1979 to purchase some land, he didn’t hesitate but took the plunge, choosing to cultivate Corsican clementine and kiwi. Within a few decades the plot has grown to its current 40 hectares. Although the years have passed, his passion has barely been worn down and he has passed this on to his daughter. “With my daughters arrival on the farm, I have the feeling of having gambled with success: living off my own land and passing the torch to my offspring! ” Jean-André Cardosi humbly confides with a large smile on his face. “What is more,” he continues, "I know shell develop the land in the right way.

Well enough to leave Jean-André Cardosi the time to savour a well deserved retirement? Just think! "I am now returning to my first passion, and am in the middle of planting my first vines for my own pleasure". Could a wine from the Vignarella ever see the light of day?

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