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Ghjuvan Iviu TORRE

Market garden - Craftsman creation leather and peasant - welcome in eco campsite welcome in eco campsite

Visits : All year round– 12 noon and 4pm – 8pm

Regions : Dui Sevi-Dui Sorru - Cruzini - Cinarca

Categories : Around orchards and vegetable gardens, Craftsmen, Culture/nature/well-being/leisure

Agricultural sectors : Corsican fruit and vegetables

20160 Vico

“Peasant: person who lives in the countryside off his farming activities. (Synonyms are often used due to the pejorative use of this word.)”

This is the definition that the Larousse dictionary offers, a title which Ghjuvan Iviu Torre claims openly and proudly. “I always wanted to be a peasant and live in the countryside. At 17 years old, I already had a little farm”, says this determined farmer, who has had to justify his choices: to his family first, who had doubts about his career choice, then to the farming community who, in the early days, saw this ecologist as someone who was difficult and blocked everything. 

Almost forty years have passed and time seems to have justified Ghjuvan Iviu’s stance even more, living off the land and continuing with his environmental concerns, which are today shared by many more people. But for Ghjuvan Iviu the fight continues and he wants to pass on his passion for the earth to the next generations. His farm is a place where people come to share, confer and meet up, to listen to music, to buy leather items and organic vegetables!

His new challenge: to create Corsica’s first eco-campsite. There is no doubt that in twenty years’ time others will have followed his lead!

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