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Anton Santu MARCHINI

U Sole di Meria é U legnu Santu

Garden Vegetables- -

Visits : All year round

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Around orchards and vegetable gardens

Marine de Meria
20287 Meria

In 2008, having spent twelve years in the services industry, Anton'Santu Marchini made a career change and moved onto the next chapter of his life! An opportunity created by the Association Foncière Pastorale (AFP) (Pastoral Estate Association) in Meria gave him the option of acquiring a plot of land.

This was a completely atypical career change because nobody in my family comes from a rural background! But I felt the need, at that stage in my life, to return to the origins, the fundamentals”, outlines the young farmer. Diploma in hand, Anton' Santu started his business in May 2010 with the renovation of a 150-tree olive grove, and a year later started his first hectare of garden vegetables.

At his side, he can count on Melanie, an arboriculturist, who supports him by adding value to his products. She also makes delicious jams, so no excess goes to waste. A whole lifestyle!

In addition to an imminent transition into Organic Agriculture with a section refurbished for selling the produce directly, a shop will also be opened in the village of Castellu, in the Luri Municipality. Just as a side note, this will open where the village greengrocer's used  to be, in times gone by. Everyone returns to his original calling!

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