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Jean-Valere et Jacques-François GERONIMI


Organic gardening – PDO Olive Oil - Jams - Condiments

Visits : June to August every day, two days per week rest of the year.

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : And also..., Around the olive tree and the chestnut tree, Around orchards and vegetable gardens

Agricultural sectors : Oliu di Corsica, Corsican fruit and vegetables

Lieu dit Pratali - RN 198, Folelli
20213 Penta di Casinca
  06 21 72 85 25 |   06 37 54 69 76 | |

The maternal grandfather of Jean-Valere Geronimi grew kiwi fruit, but the market crash put an end to the fruit farm in 2001. Distant and deep roots bind the young Jean-Valere to this land, to the point that he "has no intention of ever doing anything different."

Three years ago, following a period of agricultural training in Hyeres, he undertook to get the family plots producing again. He valiantly cleared the gardens of the invasive scrub, and then turned his attention to olives. A lover of olive oil, his father had planted just under ten acres of olive groves there for personal production. "Which was fortunate,” says Jean-Valere, “because it’s never easy to getting started. When you lack experience, you waste, a lot of time. It was an immense relief to arrive at an already productive orchard!"

The path back to the family holding was less direct for his brother Jacques-François (pronounced Céccè). He holds a Master’s in Economics and worked in real estate consultancy for a time, before realising that it didn’t really live up to his expectations. Currently training at the Agricultural College of Borgo, he began working on Jean-Valere’s land – to his brother’s delight. "We complement one another well. The partnership flourished naturally." Together, the Geronimi brothers grow six acres of olives and ten acres of garden vegetables using organic farming techniques!

Strength in brotherly unity!

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