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Wild basket making (Myrtle, rush and willow baskets)

Visits : Workshop open every day between April and October – you are advised to phone the day before
Open by appointment between November and March.

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Craftsmen

Strada di a sulana (village) – N°9 - Place de l’église
20215 Santa Maria Poggio
  04 95 35 82 47 |   06 83 30 16 61 |

Regular visitors to Corsica’s country fairs will inevitably come across Noëlle Figarella, who is easily recognisable by her black hat, checked shirt and baskets. 

At first glance, she seems very colourful, and a touch eccentric, but you soon realise how strong, captivating and passionate she is, and just how much Corsican culture is part of her personality.

“Natalina” grew up watching her father plait all sorts of palm leaves and branches to make baskets, fatoghje or nets. During her childhood, she thus almost subconsciously absorbed a type of know-how that would only be revealed much later. 

The twenty-year-old woman, in love with literature, photography and seeking new encounters, first wanted to experience the bright lights of city life. However, destiny rapidly caught up with the young businesswoman, who comes from Cargesien in mainland France. Her father passed away before finishing his last order and it was only natural for her to take over from him. Having completed the basket, she threw herself into creating new items and perfected her training alongside Corsica’s oldest basket makers.

She has now mastered her craft and can recognise, at a glance, whether a piece has been crafted in Cap Corse or Castagniccia, from the type of traditional method used. Apart from her know-how, it is this love of sharing and passing on skills that now represents her best legacy.

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