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Coutellerie Du Lotus

Coutellerie du Lotus

Visits : Year-round

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Craftsmen

Quartier Biancona
20170 Levie |

Created in Corsica 30 years ago by Franck Thomas, the Coutellerie de Lotus designs and creates pieces that strive for the highest quality, and respect the traditions of the art of the blacksmith that have earned him international recognition.

What a long way he has come in 3 decades! “In the midst of the Riacquistu*, there were many people who wanted to return to live in Corsica and to see the emergence of a new generation of creators,” says Franck Thomas. “For my part, I had the good fortune of learning from the knife makers Moretti and Ceccaldi, who taught me everything,” he continues.

Franck Thomas has managed to transmit this valuable expertise to all of the artisans now involved in his knife-making forge. “Here, everyone learns from each other, with a true sharing spirit. We all come to work with the same passion and the same love for a job well done,” he says. “All our knives are made in the workshop and hand-forged, whether they’re traditional Corsican knives, of the type that has made us famous, or made-to-order items that we ship around the world.” The creative well in the village of Alta Rocca does not seem to be drying up!

*Riacquistu : a social and cultural movement in Corsica during the 70s aiming to reclaim the Corsican culture and language, as well as local expertise, especially in rural areas.

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