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Aline PRAT et Thiébault SISSON

La poterie du Pratu

Pottery workshop

Visits : Pottery workshop open all year / visits by appointment.

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Craftsmen

Lieu-dit U Pratu - Moriani Plage
20230 San Nicolao
  04 95 38 48 22 |   06 18 04 78 98 |

After obtaining her degree in Fine Arts in Marseille in 1973, Aline Prat decided to return to Corsica, and San Nicolao, in order to set up her own pottery workshop.

During her studies at the Corte Aline Centre for Social Promotion she encountered a wealth of ideas and approaches which added a personal dimension to the idea of rural life. Starting in 1975, she focused her efforts on sandstone, which requires high-temperature firing (1,300 degrees). Five years later, The Pratu Pottery takes up most of her time. The workshop’s location is ideal for a designer who collects, deep in the bush, the ashes of plants required as ingredients for her enamels. A collection of pitchers, bowls, salad bowls, and decorative pieces will delight visiting pottery enthusiasts.

Aline does not tread alone. Thiébault Sisson, her long-time companion, contributes more and more to the ceramics side of the business. They have built an oven, the workshop is growing in size! He is also taking a course in moulding and uses the techniques of casting, stamping and shaping to create unique pieces.

"Synergy stimulating creativity. I'm still learning alongside Aline. She is very meticulous and methodical. We love sharing our achievements with the public. Our workshop’s philosophy can be summed up by four C’s: Creating Contemporary Corsican Ceramics." Well said!

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