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Sandrine MONDARY

Il était une fois un galet

Paintings on canvas and pebbles - Educational Games

Visits : Available for meetings by appointment all year.

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Craftsmen

village Sari - Lieu-dit Monticellu
20145 Sari Solenzara |é

At just 9 years old, Sandrine Mondary painted a canvas that would be her first commissioned work: a drawing of a cockerel for a hotel in the Var region, where she’s from.
Her destiny would be difficult to escape: her paternal great-grandfather and grandfather were painters and her maternal aunt an arts teacher!

“In my heart, I always knew that painting would be the centre of my life.”
At 18 years old and for four years, Sandrine was educated at the École d’Arts Plastiques in Bastia, and then spent a year at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Limoges. Her speciality? Colour. Mixture of pigments, colourisation methods, and familiarisation with different media: many discoveries fascinated the young woman.
In the small village of Sari where she settled early on in 1984, Sandrine’s first activities were painting on canvas and on glass. Working with organic materials as a base had already shaped her style as a child, when she gathered all kinds of minerals, of various shapes and origins, and in 2002 she chose large pebbles as a preferred medium.

“Time shapes these stones. Sometimes a century can be necessary to reach this polished state. Soft, round, so motherly!”
For 12 years, Sandrine collected these pebbles, refined her technique and imagined new characters with which to create other worlds and other dreams…

Pebbles revisited!

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