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Frédéric MARQUET


Home decoration objects made from driftwood, stone, metal and glass

Visits : Year-round on appointment, Monday to Friday, 3pm-7pm

Regions : Corsica Livantina

Categories : Craftsmen

Route de la montagne - Lieu dit Agnatellu
20243 Prunelli di Fiumorbo |

For Frédéric Marquet, everything is a question of encounters, choice, and our attitude towards the world we live in. His profession as a singer-songwriter, which he carried out for a decade in the urban jungle of Paris, is not altogether unconnected from his new creations. Although still with a close connection to la Chanson Française, Frédéric preferred the music of the Abatescu and Fium'Orbu rivers, the tranquillity of the village of Agnatellu – where his mother is from – and where he would devote himself to his new life. This aesthete gathers wood from the water for his future compositions, a time he also finds perfect for meditation. Observing, manipulating, and shaping the wood, “this material that is both hard and soft” which will become decorative objects and sculptures. “This aspect of my work is a reflection of several years of work, and like all apprenticeships, it has a genesis,” says Frédéric. “A small piece of wood accompanied me for three years that I was incessantly messing with, without a clear idea about its future… but one day I understood it would be the centrepiece of my first sculpture: the Shepherd’s head!”

Frédéric loves to share. Soon, his workshop will be a centre of independent artisans, all masters of their disciplines and all united by a common desire: to allow the general public  discover the noble essences of nature. “Creating is also transmitting.” Wise words!

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