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Atelier Béatrice Bonhomme


Visits : Years-round

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Craftsmen

Route de l'INRA - Pont d'Oneo
20230 San Guiliano
  04 95 38 89 00 |   06 71 51 23 81

Entering Béatrice Bonhomme's workshop is like entering the bucolic and poetic world of an artist in sync with the natural world around her. “I discovered Corsica thirty years ago and fell for its charm so much so that I have made lots of friends here.”

After her Fine Art studies in Strasbourg, she decided to settle in the South of France with her paint brushes. But then, having married one of her Corsican friends, she crossed the sea to set up home in this small Costa Verde village.

“I feel good here, my refuge is nature and it is also my main source of inspiration.”

This same softness and poetry emanate from her paintings, her wood or material creations, or her hand-painted t-shirts. Béatrice’s creations are bathed in light and warmth, just like her house or the workshop where she meets her clients. “Every year, in September, I organise an exhibition which both locals and passing visitors can come to. There are usually over 200 people every time!”

The joy of meeting new people extends into her school programmes. “I think it is mutually enriching for both the children and myself”, she concludes humbly.

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