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Annick RONY

Traditional Corsican basket-making

Visits : April until the end of October, 10am-12pm and 2pm-7pm /
For other times during the rest of the year, please phone.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Craftsmen

Route de Calenzana
20214 Calenzana |

Nothing predestined Annick Rony to the business of basket maker, other than the desire and conviction to save an ancient island tradition from disappearing. A trained jeweller, she abandoned that activity upon her arrival on the island in 1992. Out of curiosity, she enrolled in a basketry workshop organised by the Association Familiale d’Algaghjola, a course provided by the famous shepherd of Lumio and Algaghjola: Jean-Luc. But he was soon to retire and with no one to succeed him.

“Jean-Luc wanted to pass on his knowledge, he may have found an attentive ear in me! This apprenticeship at his side pushed me to commit to this precious Corsican craft.”

The job requires manual skills and independence - qualities that Annick already possessed thanks to her past experience - especially with regards to the winter cutting of the plants. “Everything starts during this season, the harvesting of useful wood from myrtle and olive-tree offcuts, amongst others.” Now Annick focuses on her new creations. “We must give life to different models, while retaining the traditional technical methods. In this business, as in many others, you always need to challenge yourself!”

Since 2002, Annick picks, weaves, and invents. Thanks to her, traditional island basket-making still has a bright future ahead!

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