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Glass designer – Tableware – Decorations – Jewellery

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Regions : Balagna

Categories : Craftsmen

Atelier / Boutique Partagée " Storia di l'Artigiani" - La Citadelle - Grand Bastion
20260 Calvi | |
  @atelier Atraverre

Virginie Torelli is an island girl! After fifteen years in Martinique – she received her degree in Fine Arts from Fort-de-France – she moved to Calvi in 2010. “This desire to live in Corsica was not a new thing. I would spend every summer here with my grandparents. I just had to take the plunge! ” Once done, she pursued glassmaking in Balagne. “Glass decorating”, more precisely.

”The techniques are many and highly focused, she explains, “like fusing or thermoforming. My initial training allows me to combine this activity with graphic design.”  Before specialising in glassmaking, Virginie’s focus was on a different material: tin. But she found it quite plain when compared to the nobility of glass, with its colours and light.

Now, this artist experiments with larger format works, like large pictures, whose transparency is highlighted by backlighting. “My research is also based on hands coming into contact with material. This is the artisans primary role. Once this mastery is gained, my creations can be more personal, more of an artistic reflection… ” In order to tell new illuminated stories!

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