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Poterie de Corbara

Utilitarian, culinary and decorative stoneware.

Visits : From 1 April - 8 November / 10am-12pm and 3pm-6:30pm.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Craftsmen

20220 Corbara |

Antoine Campana is a pioneer of “insular” pottery. He is now an active member of the A Strada di l'Artigiani association in Balagne, the “Route des Artisans” created over ten years ago. It all started upon his return to the island in 1976. Antoine was 22 years old and his only motivation was to return to Aregno, the village of his grandfather. The young man started making jams.

"One must note the era: I am a child of May ‘68! I had a desire to return to simple values. Nevertheless, we were producing up to 2 and a half tons per year - 5,000 jars!" And what could be more appropriate than pretty earthen jars to put them in?

During his stay in Pigna in 1984, in the Corsicada, an association of craftsmen, he discovered stoneware pottery and began to learn from the professionals. "My first apprenticeship was with Jacky Quilichini. There was even artisan training at the time in the Centre de Promotion Sociale in Corté." Antoine settled in Pigna then moved to the workshop in Corbara in 1987. Since then production has been intensive with orders from around the world.

"In this business, you have to be tough, and passion makes us forget the hours spent at the wheel!" Potter's faith!

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