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C'era una Volta

Hand-crafted ornaments (stone, metal, driftwood and Laricio Corsican pinewood)

Visits : Year-round.

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Craftsmen

20220 Aregno | |

Raphaël Cavallero and Carole Tramoni decided set up their new workshop on the outskirts of Aregno, not far from the famous Roman church of Trinità and San Giovanni Battista. After spending eight years working in Munticello (Raphaël’s hometown), the couple were eager to expand their workspace; “With the moving equipment you need for shaping rocks, space for storing timber during the winter;. Carol’s ornaments and paintings alone meant we needed a bigger setup,” laughs the designer. “Designer” or “artisan” yes, but never “artist”.

“In our work there’s a real sense of artisanal creation; above all it’s about working the materials - a bit like in the kitchen.” (Referring to his early experience working in restaurants). 

Like Raphaël, who studied art history, Carole has a degree in art from the École des Arts Plastiques (School of Plastic Arts) in Bastia’s Lupina district. Her pictures and paintings are traditional yet engaging, and the ornaments made from stone and wood, created with Raphaël, present a mixture of tenderness and spirituality. There are certainly two sides to the story of C’Era Una Volta.