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Bertrand FILHOL

Cutlery workshop - Forge

Visits : Year-round

Regions : Dui Sevi-Dui Sorru - Cruzini - Cinarca

Categories : Craftsmen

ld Chiosella
20160 Coggia |

Although some people only discover their vocation very late in life, others, like Bertrand Filhol, understand at a very young age what they will do with their lives. “At 10 years of age, I tried to forge a knife with an old piece of steel and a barbecue for the first time.” At an age where children enjoy themselves in playgrounds, Bertrand observed and learnt about his future career patiently with a famous cutler in Piana, Kevin Muzicar, who understood that the young man was passionate and took him under his wing for ten years while he trained. 

Now, Bertrand Filhol has taken his anvil as far as Sari d'Orcino, to set up his own workshop and make his signature knives. His youthful passion remains and it is clear that the cutler takes pleasure working in front of  visitors’  to turn crude metal into splendid knives, inlaid with horn or local woods. Bertrand Filhol has found his artistic partner, a potter, who works in clay by his side. In their workshop overlooking the Gulf of Porto, the young cutler and potter, Julie Roussin, happily offer the secrets of their creations to passing visitors and those who love beautiful things.


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