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Françoise BADOIL



Visits : June to october, every day, from 10am until 7pm.
Other times by appointment.

Regions : Casinca - Castagniccia - Costa Verde

Categories : Craftsmen

route de La Porta - Folelli (plaine)
20213 Penta di Casinca
  06 16 79 45 58

“I think I was the only one in my class who decided to make a career out of pottery!” says Francine, with a burst of infectious laughter. During her training at the Beaux-Arts of Marseille in the late 1970s, Françoise Badoil decided to specialise in “Art and Environment” and discovered the art of pottery.

And that’s how her path was decided! Back in Corsica, she moved into the Campu di Santi studio and started what she calls her “field training”. “I was working as a night-time boarding supervisor at the time and I spent the entire days studying the various techniques and carrying out new research that this discipline required,” says the designer. “After thirty-five years in this field, I am still experimenting with my four enamels, which I am beginning to master!”

Thanks to the training that supplements her expertise, notably at the Institut Céramique de Sèvres [Sèvres Institute of Ceramics], Françoise offers a particular and rare technique: crystallisation, which was the result of a molecular miscalculation in 1897! “It’s through seeking that one maintains a passion!” Françoise concludes joyfully.

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