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Ange François FELIX

Ange Felix Sculpteur


Visits : All year round / appointment advisable

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Craftsmen

20112 Altagène
  06 03 53 42 14 |

A Bleu de Chauffe on his back, cigarette in his mouth, a deep and honest gaze, with a firm handshake and a deep and enveloping voice, this is the portrait of this unique sculptor who you might come across one day in his village of Altagène, in the heart of Alta Rocca. It is here that Ange Felix began the second part of his life a few years ago.

And now for the explanation... “My wife and I were physiotherapists in the area. My son asked me for help with an art test he was taking for his baccalaureate which involved designing a piece using scrap metal recovered from the surrounding area. And that’s where it all started.” It was a real light-bulb moment for Ange Felix and marked the beginning of a frantic search to find the components that would later form his sculptures. Pistons, gears, cranks and old tools are given a second life as they pass through the sculptor’s expert hands and through the prism of his vivid imagination.

The first pieces are figurative and animals feature heavily, but gradually Ange Felix’s works gain in intensity and depth. The sculptor turns uses on their head and breaks codes and the elements are interwoven with ingenuity, mischief and reflection. The maturity and richness of his work is what attracted the first collectors. “I already work remotely with a Parisian gallery owner who advises and guides me. My works also feature at a renowned gallery in Porto-Vecchio. Little by little, I’m learning the ropes of the profession,” the sculptor says modestly. A career change that has definitely taken Ange Felix onto the path of success!

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