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Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Craftsmen

A sulia - Serragiu
20231 Venaco |

If you’re looking to meet Laura Sansonetti, you might well find her at one of the craft fairs on the island or at the Fab-Lab de Corte co-working space - but most likely in workshop/gallery in the heart of the village of Venaco, where you can explore the full extent of her artistic and creative world.

Her professional experience has been woven through a lifetime of meetings and human connections, but also her curiosity and desire to experiment with various media and materials: “the many directions I’ve taken in the fields of stylistics, communication, art and crafts have each created new challenges and windows for creativity.

As a textile designer, graphic designer and now jewellery designer, these are all artistic endeavours that have helped shape my creative identity, which is constantly evolving,” she explains.
 Even today, Laura refuses to tie herself to a single discipline, preferring to alternate between making jewellery, drawing, sculpture, painting and teaching, all of which she approaches with the same passionate enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, one can’t fail to appreciate the unique and entirely handmade hammered jewellery creations she currently devotes much of her time to.

Enthusiasts can now book an individual jewellery design lesson with the artist; a session or day in her workshop after which they’ll go home with their own original creation.


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