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Jocelyne BOYER

Atelier Vetrarte

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Craftsmen

Place de l'église - Macchioni
20226 Belgodère |

Jocelyne Boyer’s journey is quite unusual. She established her glass art business after fifteen years at the Casa di l’Artigiani in Pigna, gaining experience working with ceramics, wood, and textiles.

“It was glass that chose me,” says Jocelyne. “When working on my first creation I felt an intense emotion, like a ray of light. It was the first time in my life that I truly felt at home.” A revelation; a foregone conclusion. After training at the Centre européen de recherches et de formation aux Arts verriers (CERFAV – European Centre for Research and Training in Glass art) in France, she opened a large workshop in Belgodère, with significant support from the Town Hall. Jocelyne works with a very specific kind of glass: Massa glass, which has bubbles and colours within it. She doesn’t blow the glass, she uses techniques called fusing, thermoforming, and sanding.

“You have to become one with the material, provoke it, stretch it, find its limits... it’s almost some kind of carnal relationship!” says the artist. In 2019, she won the Prix régional des Métiers D’Art de France in Marseille (an award for artistic professions), for her work “Ambivalence”.
For Jocelyne’s future projects, she wants first and foremost to meet new models and give her thoughts on contemporary society.

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