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Atelier Mano à Mano

Regions : Balagna

Categories : Craftsmen

101 Place de l'église
20220 Sant'Antonino | |

At 30, Carole Mallet laid down her hat in Balagne. Fresh from the Var department, she initially worked in the food service industry in the village of Felicetu, while simultaneously pursuing activities as a costume jewellery maker.

For this globetrotter, island life represents a veritable oasis of calm. But this wouldn’t put an end to her roaming her favourite continent: South America. This is where she discovered lithotherapy—the study of the properties of gems and their therapeutic powers.

Over the years, her personal experiences naturally brought her back to this, and in 2013, she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to gems; shaping them and forging original pieces. 
She now shares a workshop in the village of Sant'Antuninu with ceramicist Rachel Hoog, whom she joined in 2016. At that time she also began training as a lithotherapist in Toulouse, which she will complete in summer 2021.

After obtaining a diploma in creative craftsmanship in 2019, she now seeks to take her schooling even further. “It’s important to keep learning. Just as I learned to shape gems myself, I now want to share the energy from these crystals with other people.

I have found my own path, and the most important thing is to be in tune with yourself,” says Carole. Nowadays, the gem cutter is focused on a new technique: carving animal horns. Work that she admits is rather meticulous due to the hand polishing techniques required. 

She wants to be able to use the experience she’s gained and apply it to metal and setting techniques. There’s no question: Carole is full of passion!


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