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Emmanuelle TABERLET

Les Céramiques de Manette

Regions : Dui Sevi-Dui Sorru - Cruzini - Cinarca

Categories : Craftsmen

U Salognu
20115 Piana

Emmanuelle has been passionate about two things since childhood: nature and the arts. Highly versatile, Emmanuelle would experiment with a variety of artistic activities, including painting, drawing, watercolours, modelling, crafts, and jewellery making. But, she always did so as an enthusiast, not an expert.

She ended up going into agricultural studies, and went on to graduate with a degree in viticulture and oenology. Viticulture is what would bring her to Corsica, but she immediately leapt into market gardening on her own for 5 years in Balagne.

All of those years left her no time for her artistic exploits. When she ceased her market gardening endeavours, she met Antoine Campana, who invited her to his workshop several times for demonstrations on the basics of working with a potter’s wheel.

This is where she discovered a real passion. “The possibilities with ceramics are boundless! The types of clays... shaping techniques... ornamentations...”

She draws inspiration from gastronomy from around the world when it comes to utensils, as well as from gardening.
 “I love being in my studio, where I know no limits, no constraints—where everything is possible!” She says with a wide smile.

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