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Jean Pierre et Simon CECCALDI


Artisans Coutelier

Visits : Store open throughout the year (workshop not open for visits).

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Craftsmen

cc les Echoppes - Porticcio
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The Ceccaldi cutlery dream began in the village of Zoza, in South Corsica, where Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi grew up wanting to work with his hands. Jean-Pierre got his passion for this type of work from Paul Santoni, one of the last people on the island with this unique expertise, who taught him the secrets of how to make Corsican knives. Driven by his desire to perfect his craft and to unleash his creativity, he started out producing traditional Corsican knives, known as a “curnicciulus”, but quickly started to expand over the years, creating the full range of table knives, incredible items, kitchen knives and even pocket knives that users know and enjoy today.

These items are always created following the same requirements of quality, authenticity and creativity. Faced with growing demand and a buzz developing around Corsican cutlery, the Ceccaldi family subsequently moved its workshop to Porticcio, where it will train new staff members in the art of cutlery-making. All of the brand’s hand-made cutlery on sale at Ceccaldi stores in Corsica and on the continent are now being made at this workshop.

However, Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi’s greatest achievement is potentially passing on this passion and these high working standards to his two sons. While Sylvestre is working more closely with furthering the brand’s commercial development, Simon is continuing this tradition and is now setting out to add his artistic touch to a range of modern cutlery that honours its heritage and its origins. This innovative and creative new generation of cutlery will help the company to keep up with modern trends, which is essential for it to evolve, and is another chapter in Corsican cutlery’s wonderful story.

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