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Gladys MOEVI

Legni di Mare

Driftwood deco workshop

Visits : From May to October, by telephone appointment.

Regions : Sartinesi Valincu Taravu

Categories : Craftsmen

Portigliolo, D121 - route de Campomoro-Belvédère, lieu dit Chioso Novu
20110 Belvédère Campomoro /

Just a stone's throw from Campomoro cove, Gladys Moevi has set up her little workshop where she fashions driftwood in line with her inspiration. "After a busy professional life, my partner and I decided to have some fun. The starting point is our love of nature in general and of wood in particular. We really enjoy walks by the sea and each time we were amazed to find pieces of driftwood with sometimes very original shapes and colours."

Gladys got the idea into her head of working with this lovely raw material to make accessories, lamps, paintings, fans or even corkscrews... "Often, it's the shape at the outset that inspires my creation. You can find incredible things like this piece of wood that looks like a human hand. In this specific case, I just helped nature by adding another piece of wood to the hand. And thus a lamp emerged". Without constraint, but with a little glue, a few nails, sometimes paint, Gladys Moevi gives free rein to her instinct and her inspiration to bring objects to life.

Simple pieces of wood carried off by nature, battered by rivers and currents, then find usefulness in Gladys Moevi’s skilful hands and creative mind. A beautiful illustration of the cycle of life!