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U Curtellu Vallecallese

Coutelier Forgeron

Visits : All year round

Regions : Nebbiu - Capi Corsu

Categories : Craftsmen

ld Ribe
20232 Vallecalle

After 30 years in the metal industry in Marseille, Pierre Pruneta was happy to return to his native village of Vallecalle, alongside his wife Mireille, in 2000. "It was a long-standing wish of mine to go back," says Pierre, "and since I was retiring, it was the perfect opportunity!" On this journey to the land of his ancestors, what does he bring in his suitcases?

His forge! "I started out as an ironworker, but the desire and plan to make knives has always been strong," says the 72-year-old. It all began when, in 1997, a friend asked him to reproduce a traditional knife bought in southern Corsica. Pierre studied its design, developed his own technique and proposed his own future productions! The transition to marketing would begin with his presence on the Oletta market in the village of Nebbiu, in 2013.

His workshop ("designed even before the plans for the house!" laughs Mireille) is perched on the hills of Vallecalle and dominates the whole green plain of the Conca. Pierre is a passionate and atypical knife maker who does not want to fit into "the norms" but who nevertheless makes sure that his creations reflect the time spent forging all the blades by hand: authenticity.

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