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Marc et Christine FINIDORI

Les Bergeries De Piscia

Farmhouse inn – Guest rooms

Visits : Year (midday - evening), bookings the day before.

Guestrooms available to book on a half board basis
Carriage rides

Regions : Sud Corse

Categories : Animal farming, cured meats, cheeses, Wine, Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Agricultural sectors : Corsican veal, Corsican wines

Domaine De Piscia
20114 Figari |

The Finidori family Domaine consists of nearly 50 hectares with a spectacular 180° view of the Vintilegna gulf, all the way to the Figari bay under the watchful eye of Uomu di Cagna – the famous South Corsican peak.

Everyone here has a role: Maxence produces the charcuterie; Marie takes care of the horses and Matteo, the youngest of the siblings, planted his first vine plots at the age of 17! Christine and Marc keep watch over this effervescent ensemble.
But more importantly, they also actively participate! 25 years ago, the Bergeries de Piscia was born, a farmhouse inn with a small dining room and two guest bedrooms. Today, there are 12 beautifully and attentively-decorated rooms available for the delight of visitors. Christine recalls: “Marc had 250 goats and we produced our own cheese. We would then drive around the villages in our little car. My husband soon had the idea to create what we have now. His very avant-garde idea hit the nail right on the head!”

The patriarch would then oversee the construction of the sheep barns in accordance with the existent pastoral style, with an added attention to detail for the interior design (the fabulous collection of old tools is a must-see!). Christine, on the other hand, is a chef. At the Bergeries de Piscia everything is homemade, even the garlic is hand-peeled! What’s more, Christine has yet another new challenge: to become a master restaurateur. Without a doubt, the deal is done!


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