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Antoine et Marina GUELFUCCI

Osteria Di L'Orta

Farmhouse inn - Guesthouses – Sheep farming – Vegetable garden - Wine - Preserves

Visits : year-round

Regions : Centru di Corsica

Categories : Wine, Around orchards and vegetable gardens, Restaurants & guest houses, farm & cottage holidays

Agricultural sectors : Corsican wines, Corsican fruit and vegetables, Suckling lamb and goat

Casa GUELFUCCI - Pont De L'Orta
20250 Corte
  04 95 61 06 41 |   06 81 87 83 20 |

Those passing by Corte cannot miss this large blue building punctuating the Cortenaise mountains. The house was built by the Guelfucci family in 1826. Joint ownership and neglect might have spelled the end, but fortunately the stubborn will of a young couple allowed life to be brought back to this large abode. Stone by stone, Antoine, the breeder, and Marina, the engineer, progressively resurrected the property. They were never discouraged and always had the desire in mind to share this house with others. This beautiful guesthouse now welcomes admirers of old stonework as well as food lovers in search of healthy and authentic products from this terroir.

In the building’s surroundings, Marina works on her gardens growing fruit and vegetables that will be used in her delicious cuisine. Meanwhile, Antoine,  with the same amount of care, takes care of his vineyard, his sheep and his guests - especially when it comes to letting them sample their domain’s wine. The quality of the offer is indisputable, and Marina and Antoine’s kindness and hospitality are exceptional.